Emil and Jack aka Shoestring Ballers have been using the many delights of London to make a series of short films. Be it conversating with Poundland punters in Peckham, borrowing Boris Bikes or cooking cheesecake, these two bring fun and lots of laughter to the screen. With an (almost complete) season of films to watch for free online here, the lads show no sign of stopping - which at Volume we are very pleased about as we await each release with much excitement. They've also got a nice Instagram. Volume caught up with the duo to find out what's new. Words: Ruby Ocean

How's it going?
Its going great thanks! Could do with a haircut though.

Where did you come from? 
We both grew up in a small town called Totnes in Devon. 

We love your films, what made you start making them?
Emil: I moved to London 10 months ago with the idea of starting some form of video project. After Jack introduced me to an online show called Maestro Knows we set out to make short videos together.
Jack: When we first started filming it didn't really work because we were focusing on the wrongs things, trying too hard to emulate Levi Maestro's show and planning the videos too extensively. We've probably got some really awkward looking footage from last summer when we first took the camera out.
Emil: After spending some time watching other people's YouTube videos we figured let's just film everything we do and perhaps eventually we'll find some sort of direction. So far it’s been pretty fun and we're slowly finding somewhere to take it. 

How did you meet?
Emil: We played together in a jazz band in 2001 and although we're a couple years apart our social circles were always similar.
Jack: Emil moved to London not long after me and coincidentally only about five minutes down the road.

What are you working on this week? 
We never really have any plans (planning is something we could work on) - we just decide we need to go shopping or hear there’s something happening so just grab the camera and see where it takes us. It seems to have worked out pretty well so far. Our friend Cassidy who we met when making the Amsterdam video is stopping by before she heads back home to the States so we'll probably try and film some sort of bon voyage meal with her.

Which film do you look back on most fondly?
That’s like asking 'Who's your favourite child!?' All of them have good points and bad points that we try to reflect on before we make another video. If we had to choose one it would have to be the Cheesecake video as this was the point we realised as long as we’re having fun with a camera it doesn’t really matter what we’re filming!

How's your health after that cheesecake?
Believe it or not we usually eat very healthily, but who wants to see people eating couscous, houmous and salad? It’s just not nearly as funny as KFC and cheesecake! In all fairness that cheesecake absolutely destroyed us, we learnt a lot from that video in regards to using way too much sugar!

South London features heavily in your work, tell us why you love it.
Apart from its always sunny and the cheap rent!? We didn’t plan to live here and its not that we prefer it to anywhere else in London but there’s a good sense of community and the people are generally pretty decent which always helps when you stick a camera in their face.

What are you going to do next? 
We said we’d make 12 episodes (season one) and see where we’re at. After this we want to start a second channel to run alongside where we incorporate travel or a trip somewhere, and with more people. Maybe hit up some events and festivals too. So far Morocco and Madrid are looking like some possible locations for the summer but we're definitely keen for suggestions or invitations.

Anyone you would like to plug?
We wanna big up Paul and Matt over at Dephect - check out their new collection here.
Plus Levi Maestro and Casey Neistat as they’ve both been a huge inspiration to us, so take a look at their videos too.

Check out their latest vid below and visit their site for more