Daniel Waldron @dew

Where are you based?
I’m based in Walnut Creek, California. It’s a little known but pretty happening suburb of San Francisco. We’ve even got our own Apple store out here!

What inspires you to take photographs?
The thought of sharing a new perspective or view that others haven’t been able to experience or see themselves, and be able to share that on my networks - as well as document such moments for myself is what inspires me.

Describe your photography?
I don’t just shoot landscapes, portraits, detail or architecture etc. I shoot everything that catches my eye and strikes me as interesting. So if I had to describe my photography it would be delightfully random.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working with a few clothing startups in the United States taking mobile photography for their social network initiatives. I also work full-time as a designer at Omada Health and do mobile design for applications for my 'real' job, for now.

What is next for you?
Next for me is to continue to build relationships with photographers and companies. I would love to get more photography work for product photography and the likes.

Anyone you would like to plug?
I’d love to plug my wife (@magg on Instagram) for always continuing to inspire and give me different perspectives on photography. Everyone I follow on Instagram deserves a shoutout for always inspiring me to go out and shoot. Just looking through my feed gives me the bug to go out with a camera.