Where are you based?
I live in London and hail from the countryside.

When did your journey in to photography begin?

I had a Minolta as a kid and spent alot of time in and out of the local chemist developing pictures. The majority were no good but I enjoyed the process and having something tangible afterwards. I work in film now and whilst I love the the collaborative nature of that world I also like the solitary experience of taking pictures.

How would you describe your work?

I'm interested in escapism and so I try to create images that transport you from the every day or that focus on people trying to do this. 

Do you have a particular camera which you prefer to use?

I use an OM2 and a Contax predominantly. I also have a Smena and an Olympus trip that are fun to take out once in a while. I try and stay away from digital as film forces me to look closer and be selective and I love its aesthetic. It means I cant take pictures all the time as its too expensive - but when I do have the cash to put aside its always worth it.

What is next for you with photography?

I'd like to publish a zine or book this year. 

Is there one single thing that inspires you to create?

Making an image that affects me or someone else when they look at it.

How much does place and your geographical location impact your inspiration?

Hugely. I feel inspired when I'm in open areas with space to breathe and in places where the landscape feels bigger than you. That said the city is full of surprises as well. I often find myself looking for traces of nature whilst living in London, I'm interested by that mix.

Are there any particular artists or eras you look to for creativity?

Wolfgang Tillmans, Doug Aitken, Cody Cobb, Andrei Tarkovsky (polaroids), Joe Nigel Coleman, Takuroh Toyama, James Turrell and Phillip Kalantzis-Cope.

Do you do anything else?

I am a freelance fashion film, music video and VFX Producer. I'm also part of the film collective Studio Murmur.

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