AIKBENG CHIA @aikbengchia

Where are you based?
On a little island called Singapore.

What inspires you to take photographs? 
As you know, I'm from Singapore and Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city filled with diversity, a multiplicity of cultures, languages, arts and architecture that is constantly evolving with time. Having all this in front of me inspires me to make photographs and give back to the people who will not even notice to look.

Describe your photography? 
I'm lean towards shooting street photography as it allows me to have personal and intimate moments in a public space. It is precious to me because it allows me to know myself and my surroundings better. It serves as my quiet time. I like to keep it simple and let my feelings - not rules - guide me to compose, it is this that characterises my photography.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on a project called 3hirty6ix. It is a photozine with 36 photos, from 36 photographers and 36 contact sheets. Think of it like Magnum Contact Sheets, but with iPhones instead of film cameras. I am working closely with the creator of the app, Gary Cohen, to launch the photozine in the next couple of months. Next year will lean more towards my own self-published handmade photobooks and some collaborations with fellow photographers from all over the world.

What is next for you?
Just keep shooting and not settling for mediocre work.

Anyone you would like to plug?
I'm currently looking at Alec Soth @littlebrownmushroom on my IG and thank you @VolumeMag