Savage & Chong, makers of fine bagatelles is the creation of jewellers Romilly Saumerez-Smith and Lucie Gledhill. The duo have just gone live with their brand new and very beautiful website containing their magnificent jewellery pieces.

'When designing the site we wanted something lyrical with a subliminal narrative; a website with feeling. The original inspiration came from looking at paintings of The Last Supper.' 

The pair collaborate on every part of their collection and share a creative vision that exudes beauty and subtlety. Saumerez-Smith was a bookbinder for 25 years and began working with jewellery after wishing to bring her love for metal work into a new area while Gledhill, after graduating from The Royal College in 2009 has specialised in making jewellery using precious metals, predominantly wire. 

'Each bagatelle is made from silver or 18 carat gold, entirely by hand (no casting no plating), each piece being individual, a gesture.' Their stunning collection is only available online and includes an assortment of handsome designs, including our favourite The Tattoo Ring for a very affordable £55.