Where are you based?
Toronto, Ontario

When did your journey in to photography begin?
It started as an instant way of documenting friends and objects in passing. I like the excitement of anxiously waiting to see the pictures I took sometimes weeks before and sometimes forgetting about a particular moment and revisiting that moment again. 

How would you describe your work?
A slow documentation at a time in history where things are moving extremely fast. I am exploring the interrelationship between common objects and people.

Do you have a particular camera which you prefer to use?
Contax T3.

What is next for you with your work?
I have been focusing less on traditional photography and more on the use of the image and how one image changes the meaning of another and creates a new narrative. I'm trying to look at it closer to painting or sculpture.

Is there one single thing that inspires you to create?
I don't think there is one single thing. Walking down the street just watching things, or continuing to read and write, and having a group of friends who constantly make work really keeps me going. 

How much does place and your geographical location impact your inspiration?
Exploration is important in my photography and location impacts my inspiration because I capture real life and it continuously shows new subjects. 

Do you do anything else?
I've been working with sculpture recently. I also study film. Last summer I shot a short film in my hometown, and I've been working on a script that will be in production sometime late 2014. 

What are you currently working on?
I'm working on a book with two good friends about the time we spent in Northern Canada. We're hoping to have it finished at the beginning of the new year.