Where are you based?
From Portland to New York.
What inspires you to take photographs? 
Taking everyday moments and turning them into captured images so we can realise just how beautiful and extraordinary life is. Moving to New York has been very inspirational for my photography. Everyday I'm amazed how the city is a constant moving image that I want to capture. When I miss a train or get lost, I'm not bothered because I usually come upon a photo that I might have missed otherwise. I enjoy making a visual documentation of my everyday experiences. 

Describe your work.
I would describe my photography as nervy. For the most part I take my photos on the sly, wanting the person in the photo to be oblivious that I'm capturing them in a photo. Street and subway photography is a constant theme in my photos. New people and experiences always inspire me and I feel that shows through in my images. 
What are you currently working on?
Telephone: An International Arts Experiment by Satellite Collective - I'm happy to be involved with such a great creative experiment. Check it out!
What is next for you?
To get a camera! The iPhone allows me to be super sneaky taking photos but I want to see what I can do with an actual camera. 
Anyone you would like to plug?
I am inspired by these three photographers and always love to see their photos on my Instagram newsfeed @leeclowerphotography @anthonymaitoza and @epicvistas