Be Discovered is the newest and coolest project to come out of Starcount - the global social media discovery engine that brings you the best new talent across the arts, music and fashion decided by millions of social media users. Launched in 2013, London-based Be Discovered was built by a tiny creative team with a collective vision: to provide a spotlight in today's bustling world of social media on people creating the culture of tomorrow. The concept is to create a platform for new talent (musicians, dancers, producers, DJs) where they can come together to perform and collaborate in a unique environment. Next month Be Discovered will host their first live show featuring live performances from five up and coming acts at The Hospital Club. Click here for more info on how to go to the gig.

Volume will bring you regular snippets from their latest campaigns of the best emerging talent through their Google Plus and YouTube channels. One of the latest artists to be showcased is singer-songwriter Shakka. Born from Dominican parents and raised in west London's Ladbroke Grove, Shakka was immersed in music from an early age via family and geography and even featured in his father's reggae band The Foreigners Crew. His sound takes influence from reggae, hip-hop, motown and garage and has been widely successful with the release of his first EP Foolishness Vol 1 in 2009, followed by his mixtape The Shakka Crown Affair where he fuses hip-hop, jazz and indie and his most recent six-track EP Tribe released this year which has been critically acclaimed. Here is his Q&A with the Be Discovered Collyer twins.