LAUREN HARRIS @laurenharris__
What inspires you?
Taking photographs for me is almost impulsive, it's a way of capturing something beautiful or interesting and documenting what I've seen, so that I can use it for future reference in my art but also create a piece in it's own right. I make sure that I keep all of the photographs I take because I never know when they will become relatable for a current project. 
Describe your work.
My photographs are a documentation of my life, people who are important to me and the places that I have travelled to. Many of my images are of landscapes and particularly of early mornings and sunsets because light is crucial to me in my photographs. It can change a whole image and create a specific atmosphere of feeling. A lot of my images are of friends and family in their familiar surroundings. When I take a photo I focus on composition ensuring I do the subject matter justice in capturing it's essence. 
What are you currently working on?
I'm in my third year of studying Art and Design and English Literature at The BRIT School in London. I'm beginning to build my portfolio for university and broaden my surroundings which will hopefully allow me to be open to new experiences and opportunities.
What is next for you?
Photography is a part of my work that runs alongside my interest in fashion and illustration so I will continue to explore all areas in more depth to help me decide what I'd like to study at university.
Anyone you would like to plug? and @ezralloyd and @ru_hill on Instagram: all very talented young individuals whose work I love to see on my newsfeeds.