Where are you based?
Currently in south east London, but work and leisure mean that I'm often exploring new and old parts of London and the rest of the world. 
What inspires you to take photographs? 
I take inspiration from a whole range of subjects and situations where the urge to capture the moment feels right. I love how easy it is to snap a moment with your phone, then edit it and post it online all within minutes or days. I guess that's what keeps me going, the ability to edit on the fly at times that suit me. 
Describe your photography? 
My style of photography is fairly wide ranging. I shoot things in the moment, and then revisit it later for subtle edits which I use to clean up or enhance the image in some way.  I often feel safer taking photos of subjects that either have a personal interest to me, or more often I'll shoot objects and landscapes. I've never been confident enough to ask strangers if I can take their picture, so I tend to shy away from posed portraits, but it's one area I'd like to get better at. 
What are you working on?
I am planning to start a personal project in October to capture a number a day (based on the day's date) using numbers found all around me, as seen in day to day life.
What's next for you?
 I'm eager to travel more and capture images along the way. Europe is calling out to me first, but I'd also like to do a big trip further afield again.
Anyone you would like to plug?
As any Instagram addict will know, there's some incredibly talented photographers out there. I'd like to plug @dudelum for creating the #16x9fordays which compelled me to shoot and create more 16:9 posts on Instagram. Also the @16x9fordays account which features some great images created by many talented users in the Instagram community. Finally @Lillylalaloulou as her gallery is always a pleasure to see pop up on my newsfeed.