TONY MARQUEZ @shoeboxtony

Where are you based?
I'm from the San Francisco Bay area, but based just outside of Sacramento in El Dorado Hills. 

What inspires you to take photographs? 
Everything really. Music, great lighting, a fleeting moment, documentation, other accomplished photographers and meeting people in communities I photograph in.

Describe your photography? 
'Shoot first, ask questions later'-style of street photography. I'm not about being discrete when street shooting, but I certainly want to sit and get to meet my subjects, then snap some candid portraits after their guards are down.

What are you currently working on?
 I just got invited to work with an Adobe team regarding mobile photography in a user research capacity so I'm excited about that. Also I'll be testing a mobile printing device to accompany me while street portrait shooting this summer in Catalonia.

What is next for you? 
As much as I love Instagram, it's becoming a bit too much like Facebook for me, the tagging and now videos. I've recently started using Backspaces more and it reminds me of the way IG was 2 years ago. It's a great creative outlet for me with photography and writing fiction. I've also started shooting 35mm analog again, so I'm hoping to spend more time in the darkroom.

Anyone you would like to plug? 
There are so many great photographers on IG that keep me inspired but these three in particular can do no wrong on my news feed: @theycallmegami, @a_ego, @der_frau