Looking around inside this infamous music venue, each wall is covered with iconic bands and artists that have graced the legendary 100 Club stage. They can now add Houndmouth to that list of names. Very humble as they take to the stage, the foursome that consists of Matt Myers, Katie Toupin, Shane Cody and probably the happiest bass player anyone has ever seen, Zak Appleby, open with their latest single On The Road which sets the tempo for a magical night of perfect pitch harmonies, solo guitar riffs from Myers and a bottle of bourbon passed around the crowd from drummer Cody. Penetentiary follows harking back to The Band's The Weight with Myers' vocals drowned out word for word by the crowd. 

Houndmouth are a collective from Indiana and Kentucky and they may be new to our radar but you get the impression that they have been around for some time. They are individually excellent musicians and all four can sing, occasionally taking turns to sing verses. 

Houndmouth were certainly here to have a good time and made sure the punters did too playing more crowdpleasers like Krampus, Houston Train and Comin' Round Again. They left us wanting more music and more of the bourbon. Cody insisted he didn't want the bottle returned until it was empty.

Houndmouth's debut album From The Hills Below The City is out now on Rough Trade Records. Words and photos: Robin Pope