Where are you based?
Shoreditch, east London.

                                          What inspires you to take photographs?
            The potential to capture a moment and recreate it in my own unique way.

We love the way you work with colour, is this something that comes naturally to you?
It does. I have always been fascinated by colour and light and love the impact that they can both have on an image. I use a lot of layers and layer effects during my editing process and I enjoy experimenting with unnatural and unexpected colours.


What do you want to say with your images?
The only time I think about what my images say is in my music-related work where I want to capture the energy of the crowd and the different characters.

Does place impact your work? 
I would say my mood has a bigger impact than place. I'm guilty of being a daydreamer so my work always tend to fall somewhere between fantasy and reality.

Where are you most happy taking photographs? 
Festivals, night clubs and live shows. As a massive music fan I love the idea of being able to capture the energy and atmosphere that can only come from a music event. The lighting, the smoke and the crowds of people are the perfect combination for some interesting shots. 

                                                                 What is next for you? 
Music photography is my main goal, so I’m working towards getting more involved.              Hopefully the start of festival season will provide some more opportunities.

Anyone you would like to plug? 
Sarah Ginn, Ashes57, Robin Bharaj and Leon Thompson Photography