Robin Pope joined the Volume team in early 2012 as Photo Editor and has brought his raw vision, talent and unshakable energy to the magazine. Robin is a photographer who takes pictures of life with a particular focus on live music photography. His music portraits and live work reflect his patience and passion as an image maker, which always portray something new. Robin began taking photographs on his iPhone and showed us at Volume that smart photography was something not to be overlooked. Since then we have published many smart photos, including our latest release Volume 10, which has an iPhone image on the cover. Please follow Robin's captivating and beautiful stream of photos at and on Instagram as @robinLDN  Words: Ruby Ocean

Where are you based? 
I work in London and live in Kent.

What made you initially pick up a camera? 
Seeing images by Greg Schmigel in New York a couple of years ago during a Q&A which lead me to other mobile photographers' sites. It made me want to go out and see how far I could push the boundaries of photography using my iPhone.

What does the image mean to you? 
The joy of photography is creating something unique and interesting. I like capturing life around me and documenting characters and situations which can be interpreted in different ways to each individual. The magic is capturing something the eye doesn't usually see.

What are your thoughts on smart photography? 
Smart photography is good and will only get better. I was introduce to it when the iPhone 4 was released but I know some photographers who pushed this format when the iPhone 3 was around and are still using this model and getting amazing images from it. I know it's been said hundreds of times before by various people but it's the camera that's always with me and allows me to share on my chosen social media sites. Apps like ProCamera and SnapSeed are excellent to use and I highly recommend these two apps to anyone who is just starting out using their smart phone as a camera.

What are you currently working on? 
Currently promoting Volume 10 The World Issue which is now on sale and can be purchased from the main website. We also have a few ideas in the pipeline to be released on the blog. 

Do you do anything else? 
Music photography is also a passion and I try to cover gigs every week for various music blogs.

What is next for you? 
A busy summer with music festivals and gigs. And then Volume 11...

Anyone you would like to plug? 
Richard Gray @rugfoot, Greg Schmigel @justwhatIG, Suzy Schmigel @suzyschmeegs, Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc and Stuart Mitchell @walnutwax who can all be found on Instagram and Twitter.