Where are you based?
 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Describe your work. 
Dark mysterious images and deep portraits. I’m like David Lynch but a photographer. And young. And tattooed.

What was your initial move into photography?
 I’ve been in art since the age of 7, and have always been creative and wanted to shoot movies. I didn’t graduate so I realized my artistic potential in photography. It taught me how to deal with a madness.
What do you want to communicate with your images?
I prefer to let people see their own message but you can simply enjoy the images like you are watching Twin Peaks. What’s the message of Twin Peaks?- it’s a dark and mysterious story. Sometimes photos just reflect the mood I felt in the moment of shooting.
What are you currently working on?
I am editing new editorials and my project Fake Polaroid Diary which will be on my website soon.
What is next for you?
  To build a strong portfolio with more eye-catching works and keep taking new photos. 
Are there any photographers you look up to?
Alex Prager, Tim Richmond and Theo Gosselin. Check them too to get inspired.