Where are you based?
Bloomsbury, London 

What are you currently working on? 
I just finished a video for The Fold London. I'm starting a collection of editorial style portraits and developing some creative lighting work

What camera do you prefer to use?
I like to use different cameras depending on the subject. My favourites are the Mamiya 7 and Konica C35
What do you want to say with your photography?
This depends on the subject or project, it can be documenting, commentary or exploratory

Do you take influence from any other photographers, dead or alive?
Yes I take influence from many photographers. I particularly like the work of Gregory Crewdson and Julia Hetta

Do you do anything else?
Video, rollerblading and watching The Simpsons 
What is next for you?
To do as much as I can! I'd like to head towards editorial work and a few personal projects. I'm planning to do a video/photo project with The People Pile as well.
Anyone you would like to plug?
The People Pile, Peter & Kerry and Cidy Life go check them out!