This British band from Leeds formed in 1985 and have evolved from fast-paced indie rock to more varied forms over the years. After numerous releases, record deals, name alterations and band member changes, The Wedding Present are still going strong. After the release of the critically acclaimed Valentina in 2012 the band are now on a world tour. Volume spoke to lead vocalist and guitarist David Gedge. Words: Ruby Ocean Photos (from their show at Bowery, New York February 2013): Richard Gray
How's it going?
Very well, thanks... we had blizzards in New York, torrential rain in Atlanta, Georgia and now we're enjoying the heat in Australasia! Quite varied!

If you could describe your current sound in one sentence, what would it be?
It's the sound of worlds colliding in a Japanese super-hero comic you bought from a beach hut in California.
What can you tell us about Edge of the Sea 2013?
Well... it's my annual one-day mini-festival in Brighton and this year it's expanding to two days for the first time. We're now in our fifth year. It's basically just an excuse for me to be self indulgent and pick all the bands, so, obviously I have great time doing it. We don't have any 'big' names confirmed yet... people like that tend to hold out in case they get a better offer, ha, ha...
What inspires your music and creativity?
I really don't know. I think I'm probably a little obsessed with the process. I never thought about why I'm so driven to do this until quite recently, actually... and I'm still not really sure. I find it quite stressful but whenever I don't do it I miss it.
Your recent album Valentina received positive reactions in the press – over the years have you paid much attention to critics?
I suppose I did in the beginning but you quickly tend to realise that reviews are obviously just the particular views of one person... or they're written with a particular agenda in mind... especially if you don't agree with them!
What are you listening to at the moment?
When we played in San Francisco the other day I went to Amoeba Records and picked up the music to "You Only Live Twice"... and it's breathtakingly good. Dramatic and beautiful. I have lots of John Barry compilations and stuff but I've never bought an actual movie sound-track before now. Having heard this, though, I'm now tempted to get all of his James Bond film sound-tracks.

What would be your dream concert line up?
My Bloody Valentine playing the hits of Roy Orbison.
What upcoming artists are on your horizon?
I have a problem answering that because every upcoming artist I hear these days sounds like another band from the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s. I think by the 90s pop and rock music stopped evolving and the only innovation now comes in the recording or distribution methods. So there are some great bands around but if I want to hear a band that sounds like Joy Division or whatever I'll go back and listen to the original artist.
Describe your ideal day?
Sat on a beach in California reading a Japanese comic book about worlds colliding...