Where are you based?
Toronto mostly, elsewhere hopefully.

How did you get to work together? 
It just kinda... happened, I guess. It's the natural course of things when two creatives start to date: either you have an unspoken rivalry or you team up. We make better pals than enemies.

What are the benefits of being a duo? 
Two cameras tackling a project is better than one. We're lucky that we've been able to work together as much as we have, it lends better perspective on things that aren't as cut and dry as studio work.

When do you feel most at ease taking photographs? 
When everything unnecessary is removed. No art director, no excess gear or lights, just a simple setup and a happy subject.

What inspires you most?
My peers and pals, riding my bike as fast as possible, springtime skate sessions.

Where can we see your new book?
We have a handful of the new issue out now, available HERE
The first two are all sold out, but you can see them online here and here

What's next for you?
A new city and a lot more work. Probably should go on a cleanse too.

Anyone you would like to plug?