RENZO GRANDE @aliveinnyc

Where are you based?
New York City.

Describe your work.
Street photography is a therapy and a way of feeling alive in the streets of New York. My intention is to capture what I'm perceiving in others around me and I intent to tell a story as it unfolds. Sometimes with a single character and how he/she related to the emptiness in the crowded city, other times with multiple layers of people and emotions.

What are you up to at the moment?
I'm currently working on three projects. I Live NYC @iLiveNYC that documents individuals at a transitional time of their lives, in the privacy of their own apartments while they are becoming New Yorkers. Secondly The Mobile Contact Sheet that features a diverse collection of original contact sheets from multiple international mobile photographers. And the 24 Hour Project that is an exhibition and photobook of the 2012 collective work when 65 photographers documented the human aspect of 35 cities.

How has smart photography changed your work?
Mobile photography has given me the opportunity to see and be more in touch with my surroundings without the need of having my phone or other camera in my hands. I am always observing as stories unfold while I wander the streets of this city.

What does an image mean to you?
An image is a rich and complex frozen second in time. If it awakens a feeling in you then to me that is a successful image.

What's next for you?
I soon have the opportunity to travel to Southern Asia and I intend to use my mobile phone to capture the daily living and emotions in locations where it might be to obtrusive to have a regular camera. The journey will start in Pakistan. Recommendations are more than welcome as my itinerary is still flexible.

Anyone you would like to plug?
Clay ButchMost street photographers want to spend most of the time in the streets and after we do, then comes the also hard process of reviewing our shots and selecting what to share. Clay, not only has a great quality of diverse shots but the speed at which he shares them is an inspiration in itself.