The MA show at Central St Martin's that catapulted Phoebe English into the fashion world exuded innovation and fearlessness. She produced a womenswear collection of dazzling dresses made from long flowing black hair and tassled rubber (pictured below) that went on to win her the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award. Since then, she has teamed up with Creative Director Rose Easton and moved to a studio in Hackney with a creative team and has released outstanding collections ever since which are now stocked in Dover Street Market in London and 2-Times in Melbourne, Australia. Ruby Ocean talks to the duo to see how it's going. Photos from ShowStudio by Josh Shinner

It has been quite a year for Phoebe English, how is it going?
Phoebe: It's very, very, very busy! Lots of long lists to get through each day, the lists are endless!

What matters to you most as a designer?
P: That the work is executed with integrity and with a genuine heart.

Did you always know that this was the career path you would take?
P: No, not at all, it was a series of fatalistic events, but I always had a serious interest in fashion from a very young age. I'm extremely happy/surprised/privileged about where I have ended up.
Do you have an audience or woman in mind when making a garment?
P: Yes, I suppose I do, but it isn't at the forefront of my mind when I'm working, it's more a loose framework that I try to work towards, something that reflects both Rose and myself.

How has the transition into working commercially affected you?
P: I have found it quite challenging and very confusing at times, there are just so many different people you have to satisfy with a collection, and with each collection this number only grows. It can be quite distracting but hopefully if the work has conviction it will be successful.

Do you have any hints about what you will be working on for next season?
P: Nope! All secrets!

What's next for you?
P: We are launching our brand spanking new website in the coming week. Lots of new images and content. And working on the film for the new collection.
What advice would you have for aspiring fashion designers?
P: The most important time you can spend on your work is the time spent when you are not working on it.
R: Sleep while you can! 

Anyone you would like to plug?
P+ R:  All our wonderful collaborators for Spring/Summer 2013: Marie Kristiansen, Gabriel Bruce, Reid Peppard and CRIM3S.