Portsmouth-based five piece Blackfoot Circle have an infectious energy at their live shows with a fast-paced and lively sound. After winning the Hard Rock Cafe's Battle of the Bands the band went on to play Bestival and have been touring ever since. Catch their next show at The Rifle Club in Portsmouth on 21 December. 
How's it going?
All good thanks, keeping busy gigging and recording new tracks.

Describe your sound.
Energetic, melodic, jovial and heartbreaking.

What brought the band together?
Seeing so many things we'd like to change.

How are your live shows going?
We've had a good year playing around England, mainly in London and the South and had a few sell outs which is amazing!

When's the album out?
The release date isn't as yet confirmed. We've got plenty of songs available right now on iTunes on a single format.

Anyone you would like to plug?
Yeah, Gem and the Deadheads. Check them out!

What's next for you?
The world.