Start A War is the new online photographic exhibition created by UK photographer Kevin Morosky. The title was taken from a song written by a friend of his which has single-handedly inspired the series of images in the show. Morosky's series of photographs have an intimacy and softness that make you wonder how he gets so up close with his subjects. Start A War looks at relationships, beauty and modern life from a personal perspective. Visit www.startawarmorosky.com to download the iBook for free. Words: Ruby Ocean

How did Start A War come together?
It’s my photographic interpretation of the song Start A War by We The Committee.

What’s the response been to your online gallery?
Amazing mostly. I’ve had about 10,000 downloads of the iBook and almost double that in the amount of visits to the site. On the other hand you begin to realise that a lot of people are 'slow' when it comes to technology. It’s probably the simplest exhibition to access in the world and yet some people cannot get their heads around it. I get emails saying, 'The iBook won’t open on my Kindle,' and I’m like... 'Why would it?' Or, 'Oh, I saw you got a new show, I promise I will pop down and see it,' and I’m just like.. 'What?' It’s been an eye opener and has taught me a few things about how to approach releasing art.

Your subjects always appear relaxed and happy in front of the camera in your pictures, do you find it easy to put people at ease when you are photographing them?
I hang out with people a lot before I shoot them. If there’s no time for that then I make sure people turn up an hour early or so, so we can chat and I can put them at ease. I personally hate having my picture taken so I understand what an invasive thing it is.

Where are you from and how does this inform your work?
South London, South Norwoood, Thornton Heath, Brixton. Put simply, everything and everyone is passionate where I am from, not always in a good way. It makes it easier for me to dig deep and be open in my work.

Why do you use photography to express your art?
I just wanna capture the moments, there and then. It is what it is, that’s why I love film. Again it is what it is, I just think more people need that point of view. Don't throw stones and hide your hands. Don't tweet attack your pain then delete the tweets (cc Rob). Nothing is perfect . None of us are perfect and that’s fine. People unconsciously PR their lives to look perfect but refuse to connect the dots between. X Factor having a Beatles week and then the ad breaks between are filled with Beatles merchandise, leading to everyone buying the latest Beatles compilation or whatever it is they’re being sold. I hate that system, so for me photography and the way I use photography and take pictures is my two fingers up to that system and that way of thinking and presenting.

Do you do anything else?
Load of things, I’m creative but I’m not gonna list them all. I don't want to be one of them slasher kids; I think that’s wack. I hate when I read things about myself and people say DJ / promoter / stylist... what? No, I’m not one of those East London cunts. Photography is my main. That’s it. I run a night called Bounty that was created so I didn't have to go to other club nights and deal with boujis attitudes. I wanted to hear the music that I wanted to hear and dance with my friends, if other people want to come, great, but leave stink puss attitudes at the door. Am I a promoter? Hell no, I’ve just thrown a gathering for all my mates with Radi and Martelo for the past three years. Every month… Am I a DJ? No I select great songs, I can barely mix. I'm involved in loads of things but my title is photographic artist.

What are you currently working on?
Everything that’s in my head.

How do you find the difference between working commercially and working on personal projects?
Commercial projects are fun when the clients understand what type of photographer I am. When they don't it’s not fun. Commercial work also involves schedules and time frames which are fine when everyone remembers their parts. When they don't it’s not fun. The personal stuff is always fine. When making something from scratch, it’s new and you have full control.

Who is your hero?
Batman. Seriously I think he's a G. I look up to him, well the idea of him obviously.

Anyone you would like to plug?
Margot Bowman she is seriously talented.