Welcome to Volume Smart Photography Collection 7. To mark the end of the year we have chosen our 12 favourite mobile images from the monthly themed collections from 2012. Volume began promoting Smart Photography when we added Photo Editor Robin Pope to the team, who has single-handedly grown our online mobile photography profile. Visit his inspirational feed on Instagram including music, street and festival photography taken both on his phone and also with a handheld camera @RobinLDN and his brand new website 

The following photographers made it in to Volume's 12 favourite mobile images of the year: @_miguel_photography  @aliveinnyc  @bws_vdibiase @clarkey @ikebana_jen @lemonadestreets @robson_santos @hutancahaya @lesleybourne @lightreflects @cirkeline @suzyschmigel. Thank you to everyone who has hashtagged #volumemagsp this year, we have seen some outstanding photography and look forward to more mobile photography in 2013.