With the release of their debut album Other People's Problems earlier this year, Breton have soared on to the global music scene. This southeast London outfit are no stranger to the creative pulse. The band was born out of their collective bretonLABS which continues to have a healthy output of audiovisual, film and music projects. After signing to Fat Cat, Breton supported Ghostpoet and Tom Vek in 2011 and have spent much of this year on their headline tour. Ruby Ocean talks to vocalist Roman Rappak. Photos by Robin Pope from the Scala show in London 24 October 

How's it going?
Good! We are in Paris and we are about to play Pitchfork Festival.

It has been quite a year for Breton, what has been your highlight?
It's really difficult to choose one. For some reason playing a festival in the middle of the Swiss Alps, halfway up a mountain sticks in my head. Also having some days off in LA, or going to a massive five-storey warehouse party in Prague.

Has the touring been exhausting or invigorating?
It has been invigorating, it is the most incredible way of seeing a country or a city. The only hard part is not being able to write and develop new music.

Volume loves the video for Population Density, how important is it to you to involve your fans in your work?
That video was really a way of acknowledging that they are already heavily involved in the band. Without them it is all meaningless.

How is bretonLABS collective going?
It's growing bigger and bigger. We directed a video for a fashion designer just before we left for our US tour, which involved throwing a dancer into a 30 foot underwater tank with two divers, and tying her feet to a weight at the bottom of the pool (video here). We are also planning a really special show in London for January that will be a kind of retrospective of the stuff we have done this year.

How do you think it has benefitted Breton having had an unusual background/starting from an informed perspective with art and music?
I guess it means that we can use a lot of the tools that we have around us to make our own type of record, images and films.

What's next for you?
We are writing the new album, which is really exciting, and it is already starting to take shape.

Anyone you would like to plug?
We played with a band called BRNS recently, and they were awesome. We have also been listening a lot to Seams