Where are you based?
I'm based in the very urban southeast London, where the people and culture are so alive and diverse.

What was your initial move in to photography?
My mother loved photography. When I was young she would have various cameras laying around the house. When I held those cameras as a child I was mesmerised. I would imagine that I was a famous photographer snapping everyone and everything. While at college I studied photography full-time, exploring different genres and concepts. My foundation was film photography. I spent endless days in the studio or darkroom. Now I'm fortunate enough to have started my own photography business.

What speaks to you as a good image?
When you capture an image it has to exemplify what is in your heart as the photographer. Whether its portraiture or landscape - whatever the subject - the viewer has to connect with the story you are telling. Photography has always been my voice, revealing many unspoken words. For me a good image is a biography conveying a message so personal and touching to all who read it. 

What or who inspires your work?
My sole inspiration has always been my family - the cover story for all my personal work. Life with my husband and children is a constant search for truth. We're not content with the norm that society throws at us, so I suppose I express that search through my work. The exploration of emotion, self-portraiture and life.

Where is the most interesting place you have been to take photos?
The Nile captured my soul. The flow of history and the birth of life from this fascinating river is incredible. I'm truly spirited away by the beautiful calmness and depth of history that exists within its flowing waters which originate from equatorial Africa right into the Mediterranean Sea. 

What are your thoughts on mobile photography? 
I love the endless opportunities that mobile photography offers. The convenience alone is parallel to none. I  use my Nikon mainly for work, however for all my personal projects (self- portraits) my iPhone has become my camera. I find it more personal and less intrusive, it enables me to capture images that I know I wouldn't have bothered with if I never had it. The mobile photography community is huge and full of so many talented artists, you just need to look on to see the amazing work being produced.

What's next for you?
Like I said my family and I are constantly searching. Where our search will lead us only God knows. I do know that my work will be my narrative for this wonderful journey of life.

Anyone you would like to plug?
I know this very talented aspiring singer-songwriter and author, his work is amazing. He also happens to be my lovely younger brother Sean Rankine. Here is a link to his work, enjoy!