Gorgeous George are Chris Nichols and Charlie Leman with Jake Stevens (trombone), Tom Higgins (bass), Kevin Stapleton (fiddle), Charlie Beringer (trumpet) and Theo Buckingham (drums). This South London collective are making a lot of noise on the UK gig circuit with their Eastern European influenced yet proudly English sound. They currently have an excellent monthly residency at The Shacklewell Arms in Hackney, London. 
Ruby Ocean talks to the group to find out how its going. Pictures by Robin Pope

Describe your sound.
Pikey Circus.

Where did you all meet? 
Chris and Charlie have been friends and making music together for about six or seven years. Through friends and friends of friends the rest of the band came along. We have a different number of members on stage every time we play a gig.

You have a unique musical fusion of an Eastern European and London sound, 
how did it come about? 
We wanted to do something that noone else was doing or that we'd heard. Its an exciting genre with loads of energy, exciting pace and great instruments. We could only write lyrics in the way we always have, the fusion from London is who we are and what we know.

Your lyrics and poetry tell stories, are they true?
Most of it. The songs are about us and people we know and can identify with. Most people say things like, "I know a guy exactly like... (insert Gorgeous George character here).'' We're not taking the piss out of anyone, we're just talking about the world we live in.

Your live shows are energetic and busy, do you find it easy to connect 
with a crowd? 
Most crowds are great. To be honest it takes an emotionally dead person to be able to watch us and not move in any way so most crowds are going nuts by song two. The more comfortable we feel, and the more we see everyone getting it, the more we get into it.

How is the residency going at The Shacklewell Arms? 
Great crowd down there with a full house every month. Its good being a small venue too because it gives people that come to see us the chance to have a chat and buy us a drink! Its free entry so we're not on the ponce or anything, people are just generous. 

When is the album out? 
When a record label wants to release it. If you are a record label please get in touch because we will make you filthy rich.

What's next for you? 
Writing, recording, playing gigs, going on holiday, looking for a label, looking for promoters to book us outside of London, trying to get on the Glastonbury bill, eating kebabs, watching the football, listening to The Kinks...