Where are you based?
West London

How did you come to work together?
 Naroop: Amit’s Dad was getting into photography and Amit had picked up the camera a few times too. I had come out of university and instead of trying to find a job, thought I’d forge my own path in music management. I had brought my friend who I was managing to Amit’s Dad to get some shots done. However he was tight on time so Amit stepped in. The chemistry was instant. We bounced ideas around and felt that combining our visions led to us producing some amazing photos. That’s when Amit and Naroop was born.

On set, how does it work as a duo?
 Amit takes the photos. We plan the lighting and mood together and also decide how where and how we want to shoot it. Amit is amazingly talented behind the camera. During the shoot, I’ll shout out ideas and suggestions. I can see on the laptop if we need to try something new or if we are getting the money shots. I think we have come to a good understanding. There are no egos between us. Whatever we do, we do for our brand. It’s mutually beneficial. I think one of things about us is how we make a subject feel on set. We’re good at giving direction, as well as being talkative and easy going. We always try to make sure our subject is having fun more than anything. I think this translates through the photos. We’ve always said, we’re people photographers.

What has been the most interesting shoot you have worked on together to date?
It has to be our shoot with Ricky Gervais. We literally found out the day before and had just half and hour to shoot him in his office. When we arrived, we realised there wasn’t much space for us to shoot. His walls were full of posters and the only place was against a wall between two radiators. We quickly set up minutes before Ricky came in the room. As we were pressed for time (he was only free for half an hour) we knew we had to develop a relationship with him quickly and still get loads of shots. We are both fans and respect his work, so it made the shoot more challenging than usual. But on set Ricky was amazing - full of life and really easy going. He was up for trying anything and really appreciated the importance of the shoot. He gave it 110% and the photos came out great.

Your portraits are beautiful and honest, do you find it easy to make your subjects comfortable on a shoot?
 I think it is something that comes natural to us. We love to talk to and meet new people. We’re not shy, which I think it really important too. You have to be confident. As we deal with celebrities, over the years we’ve realised that if you treat them like normal people, have a laugh and joke with them, they appreciate it. People always sense when someone is genuinely trying to make an effort and they respect that. For us it’s a team effort. We’ve always believed that on set everyone should be smiling and the environment should be fun. When people are laughing and you feel relaxed, the results will inevitably come out well. 

What are you currently working on?
 As well as our commissioned shoots, we are working on a number of personal projects. We love to help people and been seen as a source of inspirations for others. We’ve worked with Teenage Cancer Trust and The Royal Albert hall on photography projects and we have more coming up. We want to encourage people to pursue their ambitions and have a positive outlook on life. If we can do this with our personal work and projects, then we know that we are changing people lives for the better. We see ourselves as more than just photographers. Our vision is to push the Amit and Naroop brand into new territories – to do things that others haven’t, and to have a positive impact on as many people as possible.  

Anyone you would like to plug?
There are so many that we’d feel guilty if I left anyone out. We’d just like to say thanks to everyone we have worked with and our agents, Shoot Group. Also to anybody who reads this and aspires to achieve their dreams, be it in the creative industries or not, we’d just like to offer a words of encouragement – if you can believe it, you can achieve it. 

See more of their incredible work at www.amitandnaroop.com