Where are you based? 
South London.

What to you makes a good image?  
Something that makes you look twice.

Film or digital?  
Film - it stops you thinking too much.

Where is the most interesting place you have taken photographs and why?  
My most interesting photos often come from the most uninteresting places.

What do you want to communicate with your imagery? 
 A moment, something happened and here is what's left of it.

Best photographic exhibition you have seen? 
The Degas retrospective in London this year had a couple of his photographs in it that he refused to exhibit in his lifetime. They are over exposed and have been badly developed - but they are just wonderful.

Anyone you would like to plug?
 Sonny McCartney, he's funny & fearless

What’s next for you?  
Embracing digital.

What are you listening to?  
Delilah & Tom Odell.