Where are you based?
North London, Crouch End

Where is the best place you have been to take photographs and why?
Wimbledon Greyhound dog track. Once night begins to creep in and the floodlights are on there’s a miasma of money, excitement, drink, families, friends, loss and winning that charges the place.

Film or digital?
At the moment I still use film, predominantly slide film, but this is getting increasingly expensive so I may one day have to make that move to digital.

What was experience in Bhopal like?
Bhopal was a mixed bag for me as my time was split between a rather worn out hotel room and the continual photographing of the day to day life at Sambhavna Trust Clinic. This included the treatment of patients, travelling out to the Busties with the doctors and visiting those affected by the chemical accident - which still continues to claim many victims - going to the Union Carbide industrial complex where the air still 20 years later burns the eyes and throat. I had all my camera equipment stolen whilst I was there; several of the doctors leapt onto their motorbikes in hot pursuit of the thieves! So I spent the last few weeks photographing with a rather old camera on loan from one of the doctors at the clinic. The Trust wanted to piece together a calendar and asked if I could supply some images for them so I had a local processing lab develop the film and I ended up losing eight rolls as they processed the black and white film as colour!

How did the people react to you photographing them?
Some of the families greeted me with solemnity, as did those at the clinic, however in the shanty towns that reside around the rusted metal-bones of the Union Carbide chemical plant everyone was very happy to have someone showing an interest in them. 

Where would you like to go next to take photos?
Ah, the great mystery! Too many places to mention but I would like to go on a motel journey across America not too dissimilar to Robert Frank and photograph all the milieus during the witching hour.

What's next for you?
I have been thinking about photographing with pinhole cameras, possibly using a fast film (3200 ASA black white film) and blowing up the images for the exploitation of the grain.