ARAF is the new collaborative short film by Andrew Telling and Owen Richards that documents photographer Robin Friend working on his series 'Slaughterhouse' deep beneath the hills of North Wales. Ruby Ocean talks to the director whose creative talents span filmmaking, songwriting and photography. 

Where did you grow up? Portsmouth, and thereabouts.
Your ability to showcase artists and their work through film is excellent, how did this start for you? I've always been interested in film but I got serious a few years ago when I lost my job. A friend lent me a DVcam and I was hanging out a lot with a good friend of mine, artist Wordtomother - I just decided to start documenting his work and our time together. I guess its all grown from there.
Your most recent film ARAF features the photographer Robin Friend. Can you tell us how this project came about? I'm always looking to explore other creative processes and knew I wanted to collaborate more this year so I had been talking to photographer Owen Richards for a while about working together on a film. Owen knew Robin from uni so we all met in February this year to talk through the idea. It all came together and we set off in April to film Robin in Wales.
Your art varies from film to music and photography, do you feel that they are all interlinked? Yes very much so, the music always comes first for me though.It sets the visual tone when I'm thinking about the idea or shooting, then after that its a long process of carving a balance between the visuals and the music. 
Do you take influence from anyone or anything to inform your work? Just my friends,music,coffee & seaside towns.There are certain 'creatives' I admire for different reasons like Jem Cohen, Scott Herren, Mike Mills, Scott Hansen, Terrance Malick & Geoff Barrow to name a few.
What's next for you? I've been collaborating with artist HelloVon recently on a film which will debut at his Semblance launch party this Thursday and I am also finishing up another film with Irish artist Conor Harrington which we shot in Ireland this summer.
What are you currently listening to? Massive Attack x Burial 12", Patten, Portishead, The Radio Dept, Felix, Dimlite & A Wing Victory For A Sullen.
Anyone you would like to plug? Photographer Owen Richards & DJ Buddy Peace - two talented individuals indeed!
Visit www.andrewtelling.net to see his incredible back catalogue of work.