THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IN A GLASS OF WINE is a poem by the physicist Richard Feynman. Through the use of ink, print, music, performance and film, this event reacts to his exquisite dissection of the Universe into physics, biology, geology, astronomy and psychology.

A show created and curated by:
Jennifer Crouch
Penelope Klein
Rosanne Eveleigh
Natalie Kay-Thatcher
Raine Allen-Miller

Join the team for a glass of wine (or more likely a glass of cider) and enjoy the metaphor, while examining the artwork and listening to the live music and lectures. The festivities will take place at THE GALLERY IN REDCHURCH STREET on the 4th June 2010, begin at 6.30pm till 11:30pm and will last only till the following evening. So don't miss your chance to visit! Full cosmic soundtrack provided on opening night. Live music from JOHNNY AND THE CHEMISTS. Spoken word from ADRIAN HOLME and STEVEN SMYTH. Sponsored by Koppaberg Cider