Two VW Golfs seamlessly joined together, a fluro orange steel rod Lamborghini, double ended bicycles and a Honda Club 90 limousine. The list goes on. Benedict Radcliffe is quietly making a large stir in the art world. He has commissioned work all over the globe and the impact of his ideas is breathtaking. Radcliffe's vision taps in to the modern mechanical mind asking us to question and reverse our preconceived ideas of what design is. Ben lives and works in his studio off Brick Lane, east London.

'Wireframe Lamborghini' was created as part of a series, crafted from 10mm steel tubes welded together. 

Ben recently created a Nike Air Max shoe for the  Nike 1948 shop in Batemans Row, East London using the steel rod technique.

Check his website to keep up to date with his work.