I am gonna be brief this month, its late, I think I'll let the music do the talking.

Its a funk-heavy selection with plenty of classic hip hop references and a few new something somethings thrown in for good measure.

As usual all the tracks and the original artwork are free to download at: www.midnightsushiclub.blogspot.com

2. Lilo Thomas has been a bit of a revelation to me this month, this beat like a brand new boy-racer won't stop doing donuts in my mind. Its the part that sounds like a car screeching round a tight corner. Tight? yes.

8. Dilla done did it again. This cover of the the classic 80's tune by Man Without Hats has a little more bass and a little less vocal, I can't argue with the outcome.

12. A track from Sharon Jones's new album 'I Learned The Hard Way'. She manages to create a timeless sound over and over, thanks to a dedication to old skool recording techniques and the tightest big band around right now. Anything Daptone Records put out is a must for me.

16. A sensitive remix of a feel good classic. The second remix I've selected in a row by the guys from Toronto. I was out there last winter and enjoyed every minute, slippery after a few Pale Ales though...

Funk Yeah! Turquoise & Gold

1. Nantes (Fredo & Thang Disco Remix) - Beirut

2. Your love's got a hold on me - Lilo Thomas

3. Help the man - Georgie Red

4. Why you treat me so bad - Club Nouveau

5. Hangin on a string (Contemplating) - Loose Ends

6. Nu Jak Steppin - Cecil Homeboy Holden

7. Roses are red - Mac Band

8. Safety Dance - J Dilla

9. Talking to God - Rob

10. Dont stop the music - Yarborough & Peoples

11. Nature boy - James Brown

12. Better things to do - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

13. Our dreams - Method Man, Ghost Face Killah & Raekwon

14. The Chauffer - Duran Duran

15. Clear blue skies - Juggaknots

16. Midas touch (CFCF Remix) - Midnight Star

17. Crave you ft. Giselle (The C90's Remix) - Flight Facilities

18. I might be (Joy Orbison Remix) - Todd Edwards

19. Worried Shoes - Emay, Karen and the Kids

20. Tripping in the 16th - Martin Buttrich

(Click the title to download)