At the moment I'm working on theories concerning the evocative and transformative power of the "alchemy of light". I also want to explore the nuances of space and tone within this context and see where it takes me. Ultimately the power of any image lies with the viewer. 
All I'm doing is pursuing an inner artistic vision.
“A window is at once an opening and a closure, a protection and a weakness. Its also something that we see every day to look through but rarely to look at. Sean McGarrys photographs surprise by stealth, exploring the fascinations of this everyday object, focusing on the surface, delighting in the poetry of light and texture and leading our eyes to drift into the dreams and metaphors layered in and beyond this essential channel of light, intrigue and information. 

Like the daydreams that windows so often inspire, these images offer languid meditations on the relationship between our inner selves and the outside world.  Observed from the inside out the eye negotiates the warm curtain fabrics, the defining frames and the cool infinity of the world beyond, sometimes seductive, sometimes disruptive and always emotive. “
Stephen Mayes

Stephen Mayes has been exploring photography in culture for thirty years, working closely with some of the most influential photographers and artists in photojournalism, fashion, art, and commerce. He is currently living in New York City, and is the Director of VII Photo Agency.