Real Neil’s Silent Selection - SHADES IN THE RAIN [FREE DOWNLOAD]

As always you can download the full selection at:

1. Serious (Dub) – Donna Allen
2. Serious (Digi Dub Mix) - The Hempolics
3. No Ordinary Herb – Fantan Mojah
4. No Hassle – Robyn ft. Diplo
5. Hustlin’ (The spoon hustler mash up) (Rick Ross vs. Spoon) – Objektiv One
6. The Realness – Group Home
7. For the Critics – Yak Ballz
8. When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky – Steve Miller Band
9. Betcha She Don’t Love You – Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King
10. Soul Particles – Take & matthew David
11. Spaceship Earth – Tandy & Morgan
12. Do it Anyway you Wanna – Cashmere
13. Games People Play (12” Instrumental) – Sweet G
14. Nightcall (Breakbot Remix) – Kavinsky
15. Neon Love – Tesla Boy
16. Angel Echoes – Four Tet
17. Mindreader (CFCF Remix) – Kingdom ft. Shyvonne
18. En Vill Est – Casiokids
19. Ntende Uli – The Very Best
20. Breakout - SBTRKT

This one goes out to all those who picked the short straw, rocking their 3D glasses on the way back to the off-licence on a drizzly Sunday morning.

It’s a fully international affair representing; Malawi, France, Norway, USA, Sweden, Jamaica, Russia, Canada and of course a few Londoners.

1. & 2. For starters A pair of Serious Dubs, literally.

The Digi Dub mix of the Hempolics ‘Serious’ a future classic from a single package which also includes a Rack N Ruin Dubstep version, set to come out on Reggae Roast Records this month.

6. For namesake this one’s a no-brainer, a classic from 1995 I have to admit I slept on. Respect Maxamillion for the heads up.

9. I can’t get enough of this little lady this month. Head straight for her ‘Get Loose’ album, stomp to the heavy future Hip-Hop Bass-lines contort your drunken face to her silky smooth vocals and do what she tells you.

11. To me this gem from 1986 has Joker’s Dubstep Purple Sound written all over it. I love listening to old songs written about the future.

18. Musically the kids in Norway are smashing it right now. I reckon its so cold and boring there’s nothing else to do but form an electro band and practice a lot. I could be wrong.