By Po-Knee

Silence on the tube, the mood is heavy and I'm ready.
Feeling glum already, but I'l keep my focus steady.
Screw face as I take place among the rat race that's before me,
all blind as to not see the truth behind what's making them happy.

The city never sleeps it comes alive behind closed doors,
I can feel the pain among us that's so readily ignored,
rest assured, its not unnoticed yet the focus is drawn away,
no matter how messed up, we're told our people are ok.

But open your mind and your eyes will follow,
make others smile and your life will be less hollow.
Half our nation's fucked, the problem lies within the crux.
The things we believe, the lives we lead, selfishly taking away others' chances to succeed.
Take what we don't need, while the poor mans scrape for chicken feed.
Gets ill, grows old, ill still yes lets unfold his history, his misery, when he went from being a visionary to a fixture of our fair city.

No home, no love, no family, life's just one big uncertainty.
It could have been me! It could have been you. We could be shifting those big issues.
Collecting donations outside stations, feeling elation from mere conversation.
Not to be looked at like dirt, or looked at at all, coz believe it or not they've survived the fall. 

So far with a smile and still standing tall.

We can make a stand, fuck the government if we can, stand up to Gordon Brown and show him my back hand.

New plan, yes fam, show love to next man. I do, you can. Come together London town.