She Spoke With An East Coast Accent
Nobody could ever listen
To a snake charmer,
An assorted sense of reason
With nobody to deceive.
She told me the sky
Was blue,
With the sea
Being grey.

Tollbooths being
Set up, where the book stores
Once stood,
Another commodity to
Spend on.
Everybody was once asked
To come down see the
Burning like a phoenix.
She spoke with an
East coast accent,
The only person other
Than me
Able to recognize
The beach and the
The true dimensions
Of long Island were kept
A secret, the clock was
Still able to count
She spoke little
Like Atlantic City,
And more or less
The spectrum of Manhattan.
It was more interesting
To starve until I was
With her,
For the more absent
Things are
The more they grow.

Just Sell Me A Hammer
I already have nails,
Just sell me a hammer.
I already have 17 nails;
I just need you to sell me
A hammer.
Once I have it
We can nail
The shit together.
Sorry Emily,
I'll leave you in the
Coffin with
String on your fingertips;
Sadly only one is attached
To a bell,
But we shall be able to hear it.
somebody will
Dig you out,
If you can prove that
You're still alive.
Alive, and a
Fucking human after all.

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