The Bvalgari
By Marcus Harris

Robert Anthony Fischer left his house on Tuesday the 20th October 2009 in Knightsbridge, he followed the same route he had taken for the past 15 years of his life, he passed the same gleaming white houses that used to remind him of his success but now faded into the day to day narrative that facilitates his opulent fa├žade. He turned the corner of Chesham Place onto Belgrave Square where he was greeted, as he had been for the past 5,568 days that he had made this same journey, by a large Proctor & Gamble billboard - not just any Proctor & Gamble billboard - this was the heart of London's elite, people that bought their car insurance from exclusive clubs did not appreciate billboards emblazoned with nodding dogs, the billboards of Kensington carried items of sophistication, the height of elegance and fashion...

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