Spasticus Autisticus (words Ian Dury, Music Chaz Jankel) was written 29 years ago. The lyric was deliberately provocative as the word Spastic, a name for sufferers of cerebral palsy, was becoming taboo in Britain due to its use as a derogatory term. Despite the fact that Ian was himself disabled (from polio, rather than cerebral palsy), the BBC deemed it offensive to polite sensibilities and denied it airplay (before 6pm), only confirming the validity of Ian's uncompromising lyrics..

It is unfortunate and ultimately pathetic to report that the BBC, in 2010, saw fit to postpone the broadcast of Reasons To Be Cheerful, a new Ian Dury and The Blockheads radio documentary, due to the inclusion of over a minute of "Spasticus" in the show. Even more surprising was that the show was due to be aired at 10pm on January 9th.

Please see the youtube link below for a history lesson that has obviously been missed by the BBC

During the week of 14th - 20th March 2010 we urge all members of this group to buy the downloadable live version of Spasticus Autisticus by Ian Dury and The Blockheads available on the live album "Warts and All".

This would be poignant as, if successful in breaking the charts, it would mean Ian (and the band) would be a talking point 10 years to the day (March 27th) of his untimely passing.